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August 18, 2015 / V A Nichols

WANT TO SEND THEM [wild neighbors] PACKING?

League of Humane Voters - Alabama


This usually elusive grey fox fell prey to a trap set for raccoons (as if that is excusable) and left outside to endure several thunderstorms over a period of time we’re not sure of.  The homeowners responsible for this unnecessary torture only called after realizing the fox was dying from exposure and hypothermia.  When retrieved, she was nearly lifeless but with her now warm and dry conditions, nourishment and isolation from human activity, this sweet female has sufficiently recovered and gained enough strength to be taken back to the approximate area where she was trapped in order to find her young should she have had any this spring. 

If you become frustrated with wildlife infringing in your personal space, please don’t take matters in your own hands AND/OR hire an exterminator before you call WMCoA at 205.871.7803.  We have numerous humane techniques that are FREE that…

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