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Most Good, Least Harm: A Simple Principle for a Better World and Meaningful Life by Zoe Weil

With a world steeped in materialism, environmental destruction, and injustice, what can one individual possibly do to change it? While the present obstacles we face may seem overwhelming, Most Good, Least Harm shows us that change doesn’t have to start with an army. It starts with you. Through straightforward approaches to living a MOGO, or “most good,” life, author Zoe Weil reveals that the true path to inner peace doesn’t require a retreat from the world. Rather, she gives us powerful and practicable tools to face these global issues, and improve both our planet and our personal lives.

Weil explores direct ways to become involved with the community, make better choices as citizens, and develop positive messages to live by, showing us that our simple decisions really can change the world. Most Good, Least Harm is the next step beyond “green” — a radical new way to empower the individual and motivate positive change.

10% off list price. Bulk orders eligible for deeper discounts. Email: for more information.


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