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About Elephants

The Birmingham Zoo plans to bring 4-6 male African elephants to their new exhibit in the coming months.  The living space for the elephants will be three and one half acres.

Reading the following papers by international experts on elephants, may help you determine if the zoo’s intention is a good idea.

From Elephant Voices:

The issue of space is at the core of most elephant discussions we are involved in – both when it comes to wild or captive situations. Without proper space for mind and movement elephants cannot thrive. It is as simple and difficult as that.


IFAW publication “Elephants: Facts & Fables”

Written by the renowned Professor Rudi van Aarde, director of the Conservation Ecology Research Unit of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, the book features magnificent photography and is intended to better inform discussions of public policy and management as they pertain to elephants.



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