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GooseWatch Birmingham

East Lake Park Geese Captured and Killed (2011)

Food bank turns down meat from geese removed from Birmingham Parks 2011


Birmingham Airport announces 2012 geese kill

VIEWPOINTS Mary Lou Simms Geese Bham Airport 06102012

Wildlife Services removes 102 Canada geese from parks near Birmingham airport

FAA Birdstrike Report Birmingham Airport 1990-2012

Wildlife Strike Summary and Risk Analysis Report (KBHM) 2007-2011


LMLPA looking for options to deal with Goosance

Public banned from feeding the geese

Ordinance No. 2012 -4143 prohibiting the feeding of duck, geese, other fowl

Pell City and it’s growing population

Most at public hearing want geese gone


Geese removed from Fairhope’s swimming beach last week 08102012

Fairhope Courier’s article about removal of geese from city park hits nerve 08132012

Fairhope geese removed from duck pond, fate unknown 08142012

Fowl play USDA euthanizes Fairhope’s nuisance geese 08142012

Federal agency removes geese from Fairhope beach, euthanizes them 08142012

Geese captured, Euthanized at Fairhope 08152012

Fairhope Police Dept. Declined Geese Removal Job 08152012

Geese round-ups more about profit than poop (Fairhope Courier op-ed) 08172012

Fairhope Geese We Think Not 08152012


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