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Saving them one at a time…


Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2010

Subject: Sprung ONE from gassing facility, Colbert Animal Control, Tuscumbia, AL

Shalom –

I finally had an opportunity to help, actually sponsor vet care for a dog needing rescue at Colbert Animal Control, a gassing facility in Tuscumbia, AL. We contacted a rescue organization, in the Shoal’s area, whose organization has saved countless animals  from Colbert Animal Control, as well as Florence-Lauderdale Animal Control, Lauderdale County, another gassing facility.

Along with the invaluable, kind commitment from a fellow animal advocate, Raquel Hollwedel -(RAQUEL CROSSPOSTING on Facebook) – we devised a plan to rescue this particular dog who first became known to Raquel through an email plea for her life:  “This dog was given a reprieve, only seconds before she entered the “door of no return” at Colbert Animal Control.”

The reprieve was only for a few days, and we knew “mama” dogs are looked over for adoption more often than not in shelters. Her puppies had been taken away from her, and the clock was ticking down on her fate with death.

We named her “CC”, sight unseen. Knowing absolutely nothing of the circumstances that led to her impoundment, or… where did she birth her puppies – It could have been in facility, but who brought her there? Was she a stray? We had no idea and couldn’t find out from the facility.

So, on Friday, March 19th, she was “sprung” from Colbert Gassing Facility. The Rescue had her all vetted, even bathed, h/w negative (thank goodness), which helped more than they will ever know.  So much appreciated! Within hours, our wonderful rescue contact was on her way with “CC” to Birmingham where the “meetup” was planned with Raquel, who was on her way from Central Alabama. Also in the transport was another lucky fellow from Colbert whose new DAD was flying into Birmingham from FL, renting a car, and retreiving his “Lil Bud”, at the same time Raquel would be receiving “CC”. Wow – these rescuers in Alabama are the true heroes for any dog or cat saved from the current animal shelter system!

Tonight, “CC” is safe and sound with Raquel, where she will stay as long as she needs to gain weight, recover from birthing, and receive lots of love and care. Raquel has several rescue dogs and cats already, and introducing “CC” slowly. She says “CC” has already had a nap in Raquel’s bed, snuggling and sharing her beautiful spirit. Raquel added, “It is so touching to detect this dog’s forgiving spirit, and to see the wag of her tail.”

I am feeling good tonight. With my humble efforts in combating these horrid gassing facilities, our pitiful laws for protection of abandoned animals, and killing in shelters in general – I wanted to have a part in saving one, or as many as I can. But this one is special. She is easily the “poster dog against gassing”.

We have a feeling, given the growing exposure of these doomed creature’s plight and fate, many more are going to get out alive. There are so many lovely dogs “imprisoned and condemned” at these gassing facilities, in every facility in Alabama. They are waiting for someone to notice them, and recognize their worth. Our “CC” may be the epitome of “Mutt”, but she is a beautiful dog to us. It looks as if there is nothing but sunshine coming her way!

Photos are of “CC” riding with from Florence to Birmingham to meet Raquel.

Just sharing, cause I kno u care deeply about these deserving creatures as well.


NOTE: Yes, we do care, Sandra. Thanks for sharing!


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