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All Documents on this page are public information.

The Temporary Restraining Order

Summons and Complaint

Judge’s Order in Response to 011510 Hearing

Plaintiffs’ First Interrogatories and Requests for Production 02/05/10

(TEARS) Motion to Dismiss 022510

(TEARS) Motion to Intervene and Motion for Declaratory Judgement 022510

TEARS Hearing 032610


Compass and Regions Subpoenas 031110

Terra Cotromano Notice of Deposition 032210

Motion to Compel 031610

Motion to Compel 031610 Exhibit A

Motion to Continue [delay] the March 26, 2010 Hearing (031610)

Motion to Continue Approved 032410


TEARStown Property Deed pg1

TEARStown Property Deed pg2



Complaint to Sheriff’s dept 112008

Sims statement to Sheriff’s dept 112008

Danyell Jackson Incident Report – pg 1

Danyell Jackson Incident Report – pg 2

Danyell Jackson Incident Report – pg 3

Statement by Danyell Jackson – pg 1

Statement by Danyell Jackson – pg 2

David Young Incident Report 121609


TEARS Form 990 2005 – 2007

T.E.A.R.S’ Form 990 2005

T.E.A.R.S’ Form 990 2006

T.E.A.R.S’ Form 990 2007



  1. Joanne Kennedy / Jan 15 2010 5:48 PM

    Gee, why does that NOT surprise me?? What was the judge’s name again? I certainly couldn’t make out his/her signature… does anyone know?

    • Victoria Nichols / Jan 15 2010 6:51 PM

      The Judge that signed the TRO, and the Judge that presided today, are not one in the same.

      The Judge that presided over the hearing today was Judge Helen Shores Lee.


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