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Comment Guidelines

This blog-site was created as an outreach tool for Higher Ground-Animal Advocacy. The goal of the site is to raise awareness and understanding of a broad range of animals, and to bring insight to local animal issues. This blog inherently calls for all of us to take a second look at our relationship with animals.

It is the belief of the blog editor that most reader comments will enhance the experience for all readers, by offering insights that may be otherwise overlooked. Positive as well as negative comments will be considered.

Newspapers and magazines don’t publish every letter that is sent to them, nor do radio talk-shows allow ever caller on the air. Only comments that add value to the blog will be seen publicly.

Your comments, within the ‘comment guidelines’, are welcomed.


1.Comments must be on topic.

2.Comments should not contain profanity. Please refrain from strong language.

3.Comments must not contain personal attacks or any material that might be viewed as defamatory of another individual.

4.The length of comments should be held to 100 words. (suggestion: You can type your comment using MS Word, check the number of words using the word-count tool, then you can copy and past your comment into the blog-site comment window.)

5.Spam or advertising is not allowed – this includes links to other sites (the desire is to bring people here)

6.Anonymous posting is discouraged and may result in comment deletion.

7.Negative comments about our content or site are fine if reasonably argued.

8.All comments are solely the opinions of the individuals submitting them and the publication of them on this site does not imply endorsement or agreement by the owner of the site.

9.All of the above are defined at the blog editor’s discretion. She reserves the right to prohibit all comments, to delete or edit all or any portion of any comment made, and to ban any commenter or IP address from making any comments to this blog.

10.The blog editor reserves the right to refine the comment policy from time to time!

11.Your submission of a comment constitutes your acceptance of this comment policy.


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