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March 30, 2015 / V A Nichols

Action Alert: HB85 “Animal Census Reporting Act” in trouble in Alabama House

League of Humane Voters - Alabama

State of Alabama House of RepresentativesThe League of Humane Voters-Alabama supports HB85, the “Animal Census Reporting Act” put forward by AVRAL.


The Animal Shelter Census Bill, HB85, which would give taxpayers information on the number of animals that enter Alabama shelters and critical data about whether they are adopted, etc,. is under OPPOSITION in the House of Representatives. It already passed the Senate (thank goodness), but unless it passes the House, we lose it for the third year in a row.  Please read this email carefully. I am explaining to you exactly what the situation is and what you need to do to make sure HB85 passes the House.  I am giving you complete instructions so that we are all clear—and ALL of us will take action today and KEEP taking action until the bill comes up for a vote this TUESDAY, MARCH 31.  We don’t have much time.  I beg of…

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