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February 25, 2015 / V A Nichols

How safe are Oak Mountain State Park’s dams? Indian Springs Village leaders want answers

League of Humane Voters - Alabama

Bell-Guercio cited concerns with the potential development of a hotel and conference center at Oak Mountain State Park without an engineering study of the dams. “How can they even think about building a hotel and putting all these people up there when they don’t know if the dams are safe?” she said.

Harrington agreed: “If the county has got money to spend, spend it on safety first. It’s a gem. Let’s make it shiny before” building anything else at the park.

17104692-mmmain Visible cracks with vegetation growing out of them at one of the dam spillways at Oak Mountain State Park are among the concerns raised by Indian Springs Village leaders and others who want an inspection of the dams to determine their structural integrity. (Courtesy)

 Indian Springs Village Mayor Brenda Bell-Guercio and others are seeking the assistance of state lawmakers to persuade Oak Mountain State Park managers to authorize an…

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