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September 6, 2013 / V A Nichols

Update: Wildlife Services Agent Indicted by Grand Jury



Wildlife Services employee Russell Files has been indicted by a grand jury for felony animal cruelty 

In December 2012, Phoenix-based Wildlife Services employee Russell Files Russell Filestrapped his neighbor’s 2-year-old dog Zoey in his unfenced front yard. Police found Zoey covered in blood with her legs entangled in the trap, which had been set near a decomposing animal skull.  Read more

Click here to read the entire police report (warning: graphic images)  

Please thank the Maricopa Attorney’s Office for charging Russell Files with felony animal cruelty.  You can send a message here.

Wildlife Services is a taxpayer-funded government agency that kills millions of animals each year, including non-target animals and family pets. Read the in-depth investigation into the agency by Tom Knudson of the Sacramento Bee here.



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  1. H Hollon / Jan 12 2014 7:55 PM

    There have been numerous stories about this agency lately and their cruel abusive actions towards animals (most of them are animals that they are being paid to protect) A thorough investigation of this agency must be done by an independent group and if it must be disolved then so be it. These agencies think that they can do what ever they want but that is NOT SO but evidently there is not enough oversite on these agencies.

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