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August 13, 2013 / V A Nichols

Another baby deer killed by DNR agents

Another baby deer killed by DNR agents: Compassion is not permitted

Armed DNR agents came onto private property to kill a fawn that was being cared for

OGILVIE, MN — A family was shocked that an act of compassion for an injured animal required a permit, and the response would be dispatching armed agents to their property to kill the young animal.

Baby "Freedom" before being killed by government agents

Baby “Freedom” before being killed by government agents (photo: Angela Marshall)

A baby deer was rescued by a family in Ogilvie, Minnesota, after its mother was killed in a car accident.  The property owners wish to remain anonymous for fear of government retribution, but a friend, Angela Marshall, has provided me with the details of this exclusive story.

The fawn was a healthy young male, released onto fenced private property along with other captive animals, a goat and a pony.   They named the fawn “Freedom” and fed it goat’s milk, which it thrived on.

On Saturday, August 3, 2013, armed agents from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) arrived on the property and told them that the deer had been targeted for termination.   They claimed that they had no choice but to kill the animal.  Compassion is not permitted.

The agents told the property owners that they had received three snitch reports of the deer being in their possession.  “I hope the reporters feel great about him being killed,” said Marshall.

“My friends were given the choice to either let them shoot it right there, or they would throw it in a feed sack and drag it to another location to kill it,” Marshall said in an email. “They chose to allow him to be killed there rather than be stressed and hurt.”

The agents placed the blame for the death of the fawn on the compassionate property owners.  Thanks to nonsensical government policies, apparently the only legal options for the family were to just let the deer wander free, or take it to a “proper facility such as a wildlife rehabber.”

“He told them he could have fined them a $5,300 fine, so to just be happy he wasn’t,” Marshall said.

This story comes only days after another outrageous use of government force in Kenosha, WI, in which an animal shelter was raided by a dozen armed agents in order to kill a fawn being cared for without a permit.   These abusive wildlife policies terrorize property owners and are a frivolous waste of taxpayer dollars.

These recurring situations beg the question: Do wildlife policy in the United States need to be reformed?  Should a permit really be required to rescue and raise an animal on private property?  If people can own a dog or a cow, why can’t they own a deer?  Do “free” people need permission?


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