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June 24, 2012 / V A Nichols

Getting started to help Birmingham’s geese

Everyone interested in helping protect Birmingham’s Canada geese, please see the map above to better understand affected park’s locations and their proximity to the Birmingham Airport.

You are encouraged to study the map, become familiar with the communities in which the parks are located.

East Lake Park is located parallel to First Avenue North, between 80th Street North and 84th Street North in the East Lake community.

Avondale Park is located along 5th Avenue South, between 40th Street South and 42nd Street South in the Avondale community.

W.C. Patton Park is located between Coosa Street and 40th Street North, and 12th Avenue North and 14th Avenue North, near Interstate 20/59.

These are the parks where geese will be  ‘exterminated’ on a date unknown, between June 21st and the end of July 2012.

Do you live near one of the parks, or do you know someone who does, that would care about protecting the geese?

If so, contact








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