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September 30, 2011 / V A Nichols

Puppies and parents need assistance, home

The email below has been networking it’s way around the Birmingham area this week.  Please take a look at the situation and determine if you can help.

If you cannot, please share this post.

These dear dogs need help ASAP!

(We only know information contained in the email, below. Please contact Charisse.)




Thank you for your help. Someone dumped a pregnant female and her male companion at my house two weeks ago. (Helena/Hoover, Alabama – South Shades Crest area) They are very skiddish but I have been feeding them and she now trust me.  She gave birth to 8 puppies about 10 days ago I think but I could not find them. About 5 days ago she came and led me to them.  I built a shelter for them and am continuing to feed the mom & dad but I can not keep them.  The owner of the rental property where she gave birth is threating to “get rid of all of them”  I need to move them by this weekend (the sooner the better because I never know if I’m going to come home & they are going to be disposed of)

I have attached two pictures of the daddy dog also.  As you can see they are beautiful dogs and they are so sweet & loving. They are just so grateful for being fed & loved. They watch for me to come & just nuzzle me wanting to be petted. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN PROVIDE CARE & SHELTER!  I will be happy to continue to help with their care, if you’d like, until they can be adopted.  I can’t bear the though of these loving dogs being killed but also can not provide a home for them.  Let me hear from you by tomorrow if at all possible.




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