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August 24, 2011 / V A Nichols

South Alabamians raise their voices in protest to glorifying alligator hunt

Stop glorifying gator deaths (Sound Off)

Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2011, 6:46 AM
By Press-Register staff
Alligators Abound at Gator AlleyAn alligator estimated to be 8 feet long blends into the background in D’Olive Creek in this file photo, perhaps waiting for an afternoon snack to swim by. Some Sound Off callers objected to the recent publication of alligators taken by hunters during Alabama’s alligator hunting season.

Stop glorifying gator deaths

I wish this newspaper would stop glorifying the slaughter of alligators. It doesn’t really impress anyone. It’s more likely to disgust them.

Alligator deserved dignity

It’s really too bad to see that big gator killed like that. Why do we have to kill everything in this country? Why can’t we let an old, magnificent animal like that live and die gracefully? There should be a limit on the size of gators that are killed in these hunts. I know we need to control the population, but a gator that lives that long should be able to die with dignity, not killed and made into a trophy.

Gator’s death wasn’t sport

I was pretty disturbed and sickened by the picture of the guy lying on top of the alligator and the quote under it, “Biggest gator caught.” That alligator wasn’t caught. That gator was killed. It was a 90-year-old animal. It wasn’t a man-eater. I don’t remember in my lifetime anyone being eaten or killed by an alligator in the Mobile Delta. I don’t agree with this and I don’t agree with the picture of the celebration of the death of this fantastic animal for fun and sport. What’s the sport in this?


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