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October 31, 2010 / V A Nichols

Possible precedent-setting vote to take place Wednesday in Atlanta

Bullhooks could be banned in Fulton County (Atlanta) Georgia

On Wednesday, November 3rd, the Fulton County Commission will vote on a proposed ordinance to ban the use of the bullhook within the county.

Bullhooks, similar to fireplace pokers with a sharp curved hook at the end,  are used by elephant handlers in circuses to cruely dominate elephants into doing unatural tricks.

On October 20th,  a resolution was brought forth to ban bullhooks and similar devices used on elephants. There was no majority vote, and the item will be voted on again Wednesday, November 3rd:

10-1091         Request approval of a Resolution to amend Article VI of Chapter 34 of the Fulton County Code of Ordinances so as to prohibit the use of bullhooks and similar devices on elephants; and for other purposes. (Pitts) (HELD 10/20/10 for a lack of  four affirmative votes)

If this resolution passes it will pave the way for the passage of  a similar resolution in Birmingham and across the country!

Tory Braden, a wonderful voice for elephants, shares the following:

The Circus Industry is All-Out to get a ‘no’ vote that would ban bull hooks in Atlanta, Fulton Co. GA, “What’s next? A ban on birthday cake?” Geo. Payne, Circus Fans Association of America. Hardly, the Atlanta resolution is not to ban the circus, only bull hooks.

The Circus Industry is irate over the resolution. They know this could be a nation-wide occurrence and is precedent setting. They believe this is an effort to kill the circus which it is not. The are not acknowledging their most important resource: their human athletes and entertainers. I was sent an email of their communications which I have put on our Discussions tab. They are strongly pressuring all commissioners.

PLEASE FAX, CALL OR EMAIL ALL COMMISSIONERS before Nov. 3rd when their re-vote will be.

The Board of Commissioners are here:

The commissioners to call are:
Mr. Eaves: 404-612-8206 did not vote
Ms. Riley: 404-612-8213 voted no
Mr. Lowe: 404-612-8218 voted no
Ms. Boxill: 404-612-8226 voted no
Ms. Darnell: 404-612-8222 voted yes
Mr. Edwards: 404-612-8230 voted yes
Mr.Pitts: 404-612-8210 His resolution, probably won’t change his vote of yes.

Bundled Email Addresses:,,,,,,,

General Fax: 404-730-8254

Please make your voice heard from anywhere in the world to help circus elephants,. Let leaders know that human consciousness has evolved in that millions of people now understand that animals are not a commodity to be exploited, let alone beaten into submission to perform “stupid pet tricks.”

Link to our Discussion Tab for circus communications as well as their url.

Thank You for your help to elephants,


We must support our fellow animal advocates in Atlanta!

Call,  fax or email the Fulton County Commissioners!!!



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  1. Atlanta resident / Nov 2 2010 9:28 PM

    Thank you for covering this issue. We are working hard to get the bullhook ban in Fulton County Atlanta.

  2. Tory / Nov 1 2010 3:25 PM

    Thank you for bringing this to further public attention. Elephants news for advocates is on our Facebook group, Save Queenie Save Elephants.

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