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September 16, 2010 / V A Nichols

Africa on the Ground: SanWild Sanctuary Needs Help to Regain Water Access


Since 2006 the SanWild Wildlife Trust has been fighting a very costly legal battle to get a mining permit overturned that had been issued to the Maranda Mining Company to conduct open cast gold mining activities in the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary without due process being followed and without any consultation with SanWild.  Our legal battle will be concluded in a court of law later this year when our legal applications against the Maranda Mining Company are set down to be heard on the 4 & 5th November 2010.  To learn more about the intended mining operation join our Facebook Group “Save the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary” at :!/group.php?gid=102811551632&ref=mf

About a month ago, the Maranda Mining Company accompanied by a representative from Animal Rights Africa, entered SanWild unlawfully by breaking the locks on our main gate to gain entry into the reserve to supposedly monitor our elephants before, during and after blasting operations.  No consultation process had been entered into with SanWild as required by law, but despite not adhering to the Minerals, Health and Safety Act, Maranda blasted dynamite in mid September 2010.

When SanWild lodged our initial appeal to the Minister of Minerals and Energy to withdraw the permit on the basis that no consultation had been entered into with SanWild and that due process had not been followed, we also supplied the Minister with an extensive geometric survey report that warned that should blasting be allowed on the intended mine site, it could potentially destroy or severely compromise our underground water supply that is used to supply drinking water to more than 5000 wild animals.

Since the unlawful blasting operation the Maranda Mining Company has vacated the mine site and no further activities has taken place.  However our underground water level supplying our only bore hole in the area has dropped with a whopping 30 meters and continues to fall.   We had a representative of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry visit SanWild yesterday to do a full investigation and prepare a report for us that could potentially be used in a damages claim against the Department of Minerals and Energy and the Maranda Mining Company.However no legal action will help with the immediate crisis facing our wildlife.  Their water supply is drying up at the worst possible time of the year and our raining season will possibly only start at the end of November.

Our wildlife needs urgent financial help to find funding to drill a new borehole that can supply our wild animals with life-giving drinking water, without which they will perish.Contained between the perimeter fences of the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary and with no option to move out of the area should water dry up, wild animals rely on man to supply their most basic need; clean drinking water.

SanWild would appreciate all donations to matter how large or small to reach our target of R50 000.00 (approximately US $7000.00) that will allow us to drill a new bore hole and have it equipped ASAP.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (+27 (0) 833103882) or email me on .  Kindly please note that on-line donations can be done via our websites or directly internet banking transfers may be made to our trust account with ABSA.  Account number 9111221180, Branch code 334349, Iban code ZA632005, Swift code ABSAZAJJ. Please remember that all donations made in South Africa be either an individual or company is fully tax-deductible.

Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.

Kind regards

Louise Joubert

Founder trustee

SanWild Wildlife Trust


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