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September 11, 2010 / V A Nichols

Animal Rescue Foundation of Sylacauga’s Difficulties Now Include IRS

IRS freezes ARF bank account
Sep 10, 2010

SYLACAUGA — The Animal Rescue Foundation’s treasurer announced at a Board of Directors meeting Thursday that its bank account has been frozen by the IRS.

Charles Sims said the account was “levied” earlier in the week. Board members previously met with an IRS agent to discuss unpaid payroll taxes from 2006-2010 for employees at the Sylacauga Animal Shelter.

“I met with the mayor and city clerk, and they went ahead and gave us the (appropriation) payment for September to help us out,” Sims said. “It was suggested we open up another account to take care of payroll and expenses.”

Sims said he spoke with the IRS agent, and she told him they may be able to remove the levy. Board president Jaclyn Cosper said she also discussed setting up a payment plan with the agent.

Sims said the board owed about $14,000 in back taxes.

Also at the meeting, interim shelter director Tina Limbaugh said 41 animals died at the shelter during the month of August. She said about 75 percent of the ones that died were born to pregnant dogs dropped off at the shelter.

Limbaugh said several animals were still being left outside the shelter after hours, some that were sick or injured.

In an effort to help control the local animal population, the shelter has instituted a new policy of not letting animals leave without being spayed or neutered. Limbaugh said Alabama Spay and Neuter now picks up dogs and cats, takes them to be “altered” and brings them back for new owners to pick up.

“We had 11 total sent today to be spayed or neutered,” Limbaugh said.

The shelter will not take in new animals because of over population, as of Friday.

In other business, the board:

• Met with accountant Rocky Jackson, who said he would take on accounting duties on a volunteer basis starting Oct.1.

• Went into executive session for about 20 minutes, using the “good name and character” exception to the Open Meetings Act.

• Heard Cosper announce that Josi Silla won the drawing for Alabama-Penn State football tickets. Board members said they raised $2,165 from the drawing.

• The next scheduled meeting is set for Oct. 14.

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