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September 2, 2010 / V A Nichols

Dirty politics stalls ban on fur trade in Israel

International Anti-Fur Coalition NEWS

Ban on Fur Trade in Israel Frozen via Dirty Politics

The anti-fur bill in Israel postponed the day before it was to be voted in; contrary to all expectations

Tel-Aviv, September, 2nd 2010 – While the bill to ban fur was to be voted in on September, 2nd, Yakov Margi, the Israeli Minister of Religious Services, only one day before, played a very dirty trick. Despite the resolution of all existing conflicting matters, he gave no concrete argument and only said, that he’d like to have the bill reviewed again!

MK Zevulun Orlev, the committee leader then canceled the planned meeting at which the bill was likely to have been voted in. Margi also requested to have the bill reviewed again at the Legislative Committee of Ministers, which would be a huge step backwards, but in the meantime animal rights organizations managed to halt that request until a meeting takes place between both parties, to mediate the unexpected reversal of the situation.

MK Mozes, the main opponent of the bill, after looking at pictures depicting the terrible suffering of the animals in the fur trade, had even confided at the first private meeting that the religious should be the ones leading the fight against the fur trade. While he had said he would relay this message to other religious leaders, he changed his heart!

MK Ronit Tirosh, who has introduced the bill, continues to fight indefatigably for a legislation that would save millions of innocent animals from the fate, anguish and slaughter of the fur trade.

This situation put Israel in a very negative light as the world watches the dirty political games that are played between the religious parties and the fur lobbyists; instead of taking the opportunity to take a moral and ethical historical step.


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