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August 19, 2010 / V A Nichols

Commentators Express Sympathy for Animals in ‘Birmingham Captive Wildlife Menagerie’

Today, again, the Birmingham News assisted the ‘Birmingham Captive Wildlife Menagerie’ in promoting one of its new detainees. Perhaps attendance is down.

Kenya the kudu is this week’s promotion.

The caption under one of the article’s pictures reveals “Kenya the kudu keeps an eye on the lion in the enclosure next door.”

Readers’ comments  on the article can provide insight into the attitudes of the community. Some commentators caught the striking information and expressed their responses publicly. Their statements are heartening and insightful:

“I’m sure that Lion is just waiting for a crack in that glass enclosure … imagine how that must mess with the animals’ heads…”

“They put that poor baby next to the lions??? What kind of sick joke is that?”

In addition, the article refers the reader to the Nature Conservancy’s web site for further information about kudu.

Education is one of the excuses put forth by supporters to justify the existence of the ‘Birmingham Captive Wildlife Menagerie’ [a.k.a. The Birmingham Zoo].Why is there a need to send the reader to the online ‘educational’ resources of another organization?

With more than two million dollars in annual tax-payer based fiscal support from the City of Birmingham, and multiple additional sources of funding, where is the ‘BCWM’ online ‘educational’ information?


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