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August 10, 2010 / V A Nichols

Orphan Pup Needs Foster / Forever Home

See Update Below There she was, on a hot August morning, running along the traffic edge of highway I59 south, searching desperately for food and water.

Her rescuer was hurriedly trying to get to work in Monday-morning traffic. But, once she spotted the pup, everything changed.

Fearing the pup would be killed by traffic, the rescuer turned away from her work responsibilities to save a life. With the help of another unknown highway-angel, the malnourished pup was scooped-up and taken to a local vet clinic.

At the vet, this lucky girl was ‘de-ticked’ and ‘de-fleaed’, and given a thorough bath. One can only imagine how much better she felt then.

Here she is after her bath, looking soft and shiny. And yet, you can also see how malnourished she has been and how unsure she remains of her new surroundings.

She needs her own special human to love and protect her.

She needs a hero to convince her, she is not a throw-away individual.

She needs a guardian, who at least this time, will end the cycle of neglect so prevalent  in our community.

After further examination by the vet it was learned: she is approximately 10 weeks old, she only had hook-worms which were easily treated, and she is heart-worm negative.

She had a distemper-hepatitis-parvo shot, and a Capstar pill to eliminate any additional fleas. The vet provided a free heart-worm dose to get her started. Her vet bills were paid-in-full by two generous souls.

She is said to be very sweet and friendly, has no fear of people, and loves being held :)

What she needs NOW is a compassionate and responsible human, who will ensure she has the loving and joyful life she so deserves.

She needs a HERO…will YOU be her hero?


E. Burchfield

cell: 205-492-8715 (please call after 5:00 pm)


If unable to directly help this orphan pup, please share her need with others!


Wonderful news received today (08-12-10):

(From the Rescuer)

“UPDATE ON I-59 rescued puppy!

“Mollie” is on her way to Nashville, TN headed to her very own home!

I would like to give special thanks to: Ashley & David Wakefield (for finding & taking this baby girl to her new home), Mr. David Morris (who also stopped to help on I-59), Mr. David Young (her “Big Daddy”), Dr. Harris, Janet & Staff at Southside Animal Hospital (provided fast, friendly & quality care without hesitation), Jennifer Wells & her Mom, Evelyn Bibb (fostering her), Victoria Nichols (for her genuine care & concern, and for posting her story), and of course to everyone who circulated her story via email in hopes of finding this little frightened 10 wk. girl a safe & loving forever home!”


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