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June 28, 2010 / V A Nichols

Florida Audubon Needs Experienced Wildlife Observers

Gulf Oil Spill: Experienced Wildlife Observers Needed

Accompany Beach Clean Up Crews on Panhandle Beaches

Audubon is pre-screening experienced wildlife observers to accompany beach clean up crews. Cleanup activities pose significant threats to wildlife and habitats and serving as a wildlife observer is important work.

Official beach clean up crews responding to the oil spill will now be required to have a wildlife observer accompanying them during night work in the Panhandle, out of concern for impacts to beach wildlife like marine turtles, shorebirds and beach mice. Observers will be given hazardous material training as well as training in a monitoring protocol, but will be required to have some background in biology and conservation, either through practical field experience in an academic or professional capacity, or through coastal field volunteer experiences such as Bird Stewards or Marine Turtle Patrol participants.

Qualified candidates will be sent to clean up organizers for activities on sandy beaches from Escambia to Taylor counties. This will be ongoing, paid work. To sign up, click here.
Thanks to you all for your willingness to help our wildlife weather this disaster, and ensure clean up activities don’t have additional impacts on wildlife beyond the effects of the oil itself. Right now this opportunity is only available in the Panhandle, but should clean up activities become necessary elsewhere in the state; we are told future recruitment opportunities will become available in those locations as well. Stay tuned.


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