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April 29, 2010 / V A Nichols

Wags to Riches: Court Update


After many backroom and courtroom whispered discussions, Wags to Riches owner, Allison Manning, received the following decision from Judge Brad Bishop:

Count #1: Failure to properly dispose of a dog’s body

$50.00 Fine

Count #2: Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty


Fines totaling $370.48

Restrictions & Requirements:

Ms Manning is forever banned from owning, operating or participating in any business / activity that sells animals.

She is required to attend ‘sensitivity classes’ at an area humane society, and required to attend a ‘life skills’ class through the court.


Ms Manning showed no remorse during the case action summary reading.

Allison Manning – Animal Cruelty Charges Dropped 0510

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