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April 14, 2010 / V A Nichols

Calling-out zoos and aquariums

Published on Psychology Today (

Zoos and Aquariums Do Not Accomplish What They Claim They Do

By Marc Bekoff
Created Apr 13 2010 – 6:48am

Many people visit zoos and aquariums (let’s call them all zoos for convenience) for a variety of reasons. While there are “better” and “worse” zoos, animals residing in captivity live highly compromised lives (see also) often being kept in very small cages and unnatural groups without family and friends while suffering losses of freedom of movement and the ability to control their own lives. Some can’t get out of the public eye and are on constant display during visiting hours during which time

they eat, urinate, defecate, rest and sleep, and sometimes mate under constant scrutiny.


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