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February 26, 2010 / V A Nichols

Humane Lobby Day Update

From Mindy Gilbert:

Hello Everyone,

What a week! Thanks so much to all who made the trek to the statehouse for lobby day.

(believe me, I know what a pain that can be) . I was extremely proud of everyone that attended-we made a very respectable showing. And…we made impact!

On Wednesday, HB 561 was scheduled for a public hearing. This is the agriculture bill that we had so many language concerns about. The bill was held over in committee to be amended so that the language is clear and that law enforcement can  continue to enforce the anti cruelty laws that apply to all animals.

And, the bonding bill is scheduled for the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday. We have worked through many changes on this  bill and I believe the majority of committee members will support it for a favorable vote.

AND, the House Agriculture Committee chair has agreed to place the cockfighting bill on the committee calendar. I will advise you as soon as I know the date.

The Spay Day Rally was fantastic- especially all the bingo people who attended :)

Special thanks to our speakers, Rea Cord, Conan Devine, Donald Kendrick, Ronda Stecuik, Jacque Meyer and Rachael Tears.  We can honestly say that a lot of folks received the message.

For those of you that came to lobby day, I hope that the experience gave you an opportunity to see how the process of passing laws occurs.  I sincerely hope that you all will come again next year and bring a friend or two.

We all know that the majority of folks have an appreciation for animals, and have a concern about how they are treated. Until more of us routinely reach out to our legislators  and share our concerns in a way that leaves the door open to future discussions.

If you did actually speak to your representatives, please be sure to follow up with an e mail or note to thank them for their time.  I would also appreciate any suggestions you all have to make the day better next year.

If you signed up but were unable to come, don’t worry-I’ll keep you posted with updates.

Best regards,

Mindy Gilbert
Alabama State Director
t 205-471-5541

The Humane Society of the United States


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  1. Victoria Nichols / Feb 26 2010 8:42 PM

    I learned on Monday that I would be able to attend Humane Lobby Day in Montgomery on Tuesday, and I was thrilled. The day’s events far exceeded my expectations.

    The ability to actually meet with my elected state representatives was inspiring. My House Representative listened intently as I went over the bills I asked him to support; and he had knowledge of some of them; and expressed support for most.

    My Senate Representative was not in her office, so I left her a note with my name and phone number. She called me on Wednesday, amazing!

    The Spay Day rally was really fun. We all went out on the front steps of the State House, holding our spay-neuter signs, listened to the revered speakers, and enjoyed the unexpected bingo-people audience.

    For me, it was so exciting to be inside the State House, interacting with other animal advocates and state elected officials. I’ll definitely be back next year; and I encourage everyone to participate in this very important day!

    HSUS’s Mindy Gilbert did a great job of informing and guiding us :)

    Victoria ~

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