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February 21, 2010 / V A Nichols

ALERT HB561 Calls to Representatives Needed

From: Meyer Jacqueline <>
Subject: Seriously this is not over – read below!
To: “Friends Jacque” <>
Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010, 8:29 PM

 It woudl be very nice to see you ALL in Montgomery on Wednesday, but I know that is not possible.  Please call your local representatives or show them the pictures below via email.   Two of these horses lived because they were able to be confiscated by law enforcement and receive treatment immediately when they were found.   I cannot imagine not being able to stop this suffering and it is suffering at it’s worse.  We cannot do it without Law Enforcement!!!    ( I am so sorry if you have received this more than once.)      

Please read this- urgent action is needed-I am not kidding. The Senate bill that we all worked so hard to quell last week is back, this time in the house. The House version, HB561 will be heard in committee on Wed, February 24 at 1:30. We have requested a public hearing so that law enforcement can testify to their concerns about the way the way this bill is worded. In essence, it strips local law enforcement from enforcing the anticruelty laws to livestock- this means horses!     

It also prevents local city and county governments from enacting or continuing ordinances affecting livestock on private property. It’s almost like reversing home rule.     

Think about it- right now every law enforcement agency can investigate cruelty to all animals, including livestock and horses.  Under the proposed bill, the SOLE authority lies with the State Veterinarian and the Department of Agriculture and Industries and their investigations unit-less than 20 people.  Remember they are also concerned about stolen farm equipment, stolen livestock and contagious disease. How will they ever have time to investigate, say, horse neglect?????     

“I heard someone last evening make a great point, would you want a child or senior abuse investigation remanded to a more qualified person at the state office of DHR in Montgomery – a place ultimately supervised and led by an appointed official? Or an office and/or person more locally visible, accountable, and reachable? I think that analogy sums up the opposition’s perspective. Several vets also raised the issue that they are paid for being called in by animal control. There was concern that local vets will lose revenues and input in their community     

The above is an excerpt from an e mail I received Thursday from someone concerned about this bill  I think it says a lot.      

PLEASE take time to call the House Agriculture  Committee Members and ask them to oppose HB561      

The contact info for the House Agriculture Committee Members is:     

Thomas Jackson- Choctaw, Clarke, Marengo, Conecuh, Monroe Counties 334-242-7738     

Steve Hurst Calhoun, Talladega Counties 334-353-9215     

Mike Hubbard-Lee County 334-242-7739     

Robert Bentley-Tuscaloosa 334-242-7691     

Spencer Collier- Mobile County 334-242-7719     

Randy Davis- Baldwin, Mobile Counties 334-242-7724     

Chad Fincher –Mobile County334-232-7778     

Alan Harper Pickens, Tuscaloosa Counties 334-242-7732     

Earl Hilliard-Jefferson County 334-242-7684     

Ralph Howard-Hale, Perry, Bibb, Marengo Counties 334-232-7759     

Jamie Ison-Mobile 334-242-7711     

Benjamin Lewis –Houston County 334-242-7756     

A.J. McCampbell  -Green, Sumter, Marengo, Tuscaloosa Counties 334-242-7747     

Henry White  -Limestone County 334-242-7712     

Phil Williams –Madison County 334-242-7600     


A&F Committee Meeting Schedule HB561 02/24/10


 Click the thumbnail for full-size


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